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2021 Fresh Pre-sale (5lbs)

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We're excited to offer fresh blueberries from our upcoming 2021 harvest! We're looking at a start date of August 21st (give or take a week depending on the weather) and we will have fresh berries available for pickup on the day harvest starts!

This has been a great growing year, and everything is bursting on our lower elevation fields. A warm May month brought the plants into flower early and things were shaping up to be a fantastic year for yield.

However, freak weather systems starting on June 8 saw near 30 degree temperatures, opening the flowers even further, then overnight frost, and then a snowfall! This combination of hot-freeze-snow decimated our fields that sit at the highest elevation, as the flowers froze and died under the snow, so we're looking at a short harvest with only 5000 pounds available!

We could really use your support during our 2021 season! Pre-orders will be contacted the day before pickup is available fresh from our fields. Pickup will be in St. John's at 303 Lemarchant Road.